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Nazi Drawings wins Mid-America Emmy Award

The Nazi Drawings Documentary

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"...Quite powerful...Recommended...Even on video, the drawings, which are stylistically reminiscent of the English artist Francis Bacon, carry a frighteningly sinister aura, delivering a visceral impact that hits the viewer on both a conscious and subconscious level. Considering that most will never see "The Nazi Drawings" in person, this documentary provides a good summary of the series and of Lasansky's motivation for creating it." Video Librarian - The Video Review Guide for Libraries


"The pencil, wash, and earth-color drawings of life-size figures are disturbing, haunting, and honest, conveying a visual reminder of a painful history that must not be forgotten...This documentary can be used effectively to teach the lessons of the Holocaust...Recommended for school and community groups, junior high and above." Library Journal 



Wyrick tv interview in Palm Springs Wyrick, moments before a television interview by Gino Lamont for the KMIR/Palm Springs Morning Show. The Nazi Drawings was voted the #3 Audience Favorite at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival.

"One of the highlights of the festival was a documentary by Lane Wyrick called 'The Nazi Drawings'. This was one powerful exploration of the Holocaust...everything about this project was professional - beautifully filmed and well written." Herb Kane/CriticDoctor.com 


Lane Wyrick's film expresses the anguish that the artist and humanist still feels as he observes a world where tyranny has continued to eradicate minorities in places like Bosnia and the Philippines. Beautifully filmed, the documentary shares haunting images of real people tossed like garbage into the mass burial pits surrounding the concentration camps. But the strongest moments in the documentary come when Lasansky's friend, Brown University professor of English and poet Edwin Honig, shares his perspective on the power behind The Nazi Drawings. "Art delivers in a way that diplomacy doesn't," Honig says. Iowa Alumni Magazine, October 2000


Wyrick wanted to ensure that the film would be of service both to those who know The Nazi Drawings and newcomers like himself. "What I hoped this would be was a real artistic exploration of this monumental work, " said Wyrick, who reported being profoundly moved when he first encountered the drawings. "Nothing will ever replace seeing the drawings in person, but, with the images we've put together, hopefully people can get an idea of their power and importance." Iowa City Press Citizen, April 7, 2000


"I videotaped Mauricio at his studio, trying to capture an honest quality, a dialogue between the artist and me," Wyrick said...Lasansky said he was happy with the video. "It puts the point across," he said. "It will help people understand The Nazi Drawings." The Cedar Rapids Gazette, April 6, 2000


When Lane Wyrick's new documentary, The Nazi Drawings, had its private premiere at the Levitt Center in October 1999, he was unprepared for the audience's reaction. But when the credits rolled, the effect was stunning. "There was complete silence," Wyrick said. "I walked over to the VCR to turn it off, and it was like walking through very thick air." A few members of the audience were crying... The Daily Iowan, March 30, 2000